Is Marilyn a fortune teller?

No Although Marilyn is a very gifted psychic, and does posses the ability to see as far out as 2 years, when doing her meditation, she calls upon the Angels to receive messages, not only for the clients best and highest self, but also, for today, tomorrow and in the near future. Marilyn feels we all have free will. We are all pre programmed for the next few months in our life. But if we do not like what is going on, we have free will to change it.. That is why Marilyn tries to only see what is going on in a person life now, in the near future of 6 months or less. Although, she can see as far out as 2 years. 

How does Marilyn receive her messages?

Marilyn does about a half hour meditation before seeing a client. She tries to remove as much as the human element from herself by cleansing clearing, and balancing her chakras. Then she calls upon the Angels to remove any blockages that would interfere with hearing, seeing, knowing and sensing messages the spiritual realm would like for her clients to know, that would serve them for their best and highest self. 

What about Jesus?

Many believe, as Marilyn does, God sent His son to this earth plane, to help and save people. Marilyn does speak to God, Jesus, Mother Mary, Arc Angels, Angels, Spirit Guides, and Deceased Loved Ones to receive her messages that can best help her clients. However, she does not judge someone for their beliefs, or religion, or their religious beliefs. She is comfortable assisting all those who require her guidance, as long as they believe in a higher source that comes from the White side. Lightworker’s as she likes to call these people.