About Marilyn


marias pic 046After my brother’s passing, in 1995, at the age of 34, is when I started questioning what happens after a death. Why him? Why not me? That is when my psychic abilities started for me. I went to a world renowned Angel Reader in Scottsdale Az, in 1998. Learned more about Angels. And as they say the rest is history.

In 1999 I started seeing, hearing, sensing, Angels, Spirit Guides, & “dead” people around everyone, not understanding who they were, or, why I was seeing them and why they chose me to deliver their messages.

After discovering they were not going away, I decided instead of fighting with Them to join Them. When my “feeling” or “senses” became so strong, I learned the old fashion way, by attending classes, reading books, going to lectures, listening to tapes. At that time no dvd’s or cd’s were available on this subject! Nor was I computer literate, to understand how I could get on the internet to learn more. I started working with many psychics. Going to their classes, reading their books, hearing their seminars, their tapes, cd’s whatever I could get my hands and ears on. As I have continued my journey into learning and developing my psychic abilities, I have found my greatest satisfaction is in helping others. That is why I started doing “readings” for people. I find my true gifts are helping people with their life, through messages I receive from the Angels that I fondly refer to as The Guys! The messages I receive, help people, not only in the way they are living their life in the present and future, but I truly enjoy, helping them with the way they have lived this life in the past and seeing their past lives, to help them determine what their lessons are in this life time, to help them lead a more fulfilled life, both now and in the future.

Many times, people ask their selves, why am I here, what is my life purpose and how can I fulfill that purpose? That is where the Angels come in to help me receive Their messages to help people understand their life lessons.

Being a Medium, it truly is satisfying for me to help people connect with their deceased loved ones. It gives people not only comfort, but closure to know their loved ones are doing well, that they still love us, and try to communicate with us to share that love and to help with life’s lessons. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I also find it gratifying to heal people, not only on a physical plane, but on a spiritual level as well. In addition to doing Reiki healing, I have learned about a lot of natural herbs, crystals, instruments, and jewelry, to help heal yourself on a natural level. I find it very gratifying, teaching classes to help people develop their “own wings,” so they can take knowledge they acquire to increase their own psychic/intuitive abilities. I believe we are all born psychic. As we grow, we either continue to develop those abilities, or something or someone scares us, then we put it in a “closet” until it is ready to be reborn in us. Whether it is for your own personal use,to help your loved ones, or to help complete strangers find their path. It is truly gratifying for me, to see my clients, grow their own “wings” and soar!

I have been actively helping people since 2000, through my readings, healings, classes, (and now with a book in the makings), through one on one readings in my home, parties at your home, phone and e-mail readings. I now have clients all across the United States and in several foreign counties.


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