Additional Spiritual Services

Marilyn has 12 years of experience as a spiritual life coach, although her connection to spiritual guides has been with her all her life. It took the loss of her brother to energize her to put her skills into action and help other people become more attuned to their spiritual selves. Her skills include psychic and medium abilities, angel messenger and highly developed teaching skill in all areas of spiritual awareness. She is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher. Her services include:

Psychic/Medium Sessions
If you would like to learn more about your past lives and events that may be blocking you in this lifetime, or would like to talk with deceased loved one, Marilyn is very gifted and highly skilled at facilitating such links.

Angel Messenger Sessions
Marilyn is able to tap into the angelic sphere and help you touch the angels and spirit guides watching over you. You will learn to the differences in the angelic realm and how to watch for signs from the spiritual realm.

Reiki Master Teacher Sessions
As a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Marilyn is able to help you learn how to use universal life force energy to promote balance, wholeness, healing and higher consciousness. She is also able to teach others how to live at a master level and to teach Reiki to others.

Please call to schedule a sessions and to ask about pricing.


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