Traveling Angel Messenger

Traveling Angel Reading

Marilyn will come to your home to do readings. She prefers in this type of setting to have a private room to do 15, 20, or 30 minutes readings depending on the number of people you have. She has discovered over the years that people are more comfortable discussing their private life in private as opposed to everyone being allowed to listen and has found most people truly are not interested in other people’s lives. They want to know what is best for them.

In a reading you will be free to discuss anything and questions are encouraged. Marilyn will gather your contact information before your reading. However once your reading is complete, she will not remember your reading. She has learned to release a person’s private information with each person as she does not carry that with her. However since she does communicate with Angels and has found out They have their own agenda, she will receive messages for people from time to time and has learned to contact that person immediately. The Angels will not give up giving her these messages until she has contacted that person and delivered her message. This is why she collects your contact information. In addition if you elect to give her an email address she will send her monthly Angel Tips newsletter to you free of charge!

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