Angel/Psychic/Medium Readings

Angel/Psychic/Medium Readings

Marilyn’s readings are truly a combination of Angel, Psychic and Medium messages. Marilyn calls upon and connects with her Angels and the entire spiritual world and asks to receive messages that are for that person’s best and highest self for today, tomorrow and in the near future.

Angel Readings

In an Angel reading you will find out what Angels are in your life, their name, color, what signs They give you, as well as any other guides, why They are there, how They can help you, and how you can better connect with them.

Psychic Readings

In a psychic reading, you will discover more about your human side and receive answers to your many questions about relationships, career, financial, health, home, etc. In either of these readings sometimes a past life will come up to help you discover what life you have had in the past and how it is affecting you in this life time.

Medium Reading

Marilyn connects with loved ones that have crossed over. Marilyn believes it is our human body that dies, but our soul or spirit will continue to live on. This soul goes home but is still very much alive which is why our loved ones are still able to connect with us even after their human body dies. This is evident in many ways and Marilyn helps you to understand how they are communicating with you bringing you comfort, peace and closure.

Ways to Receive a Reading

In person or via phone. Marilyn does phone readings all over the world. Many ask how can she do this? Marilyn feels energy is energy no matter whether you are directly in front of her or on the phone.

Reading Length

Private Group Readings

Private group readings are designed for a small group (4-6people) in my home whom might share a common interest, such as a mutual loved one passing or more clarity on their own spirituality. Each person will receive an individual reading within their own group of friends or family and specific desires will be addressed before the group reading is set, such as keeping it to readings only, or readings and a presentation about receiving a better understanding about the Angels or your own intuitive side.

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Private Group Readings

Traveling Angel Parties

Marilyn will come to your home to do readings. She prefers in this type of setting to have a private room to do 15, 20, or 30 minutes readings depending on the number of people you have. She has discovered over the years that people are more comfortable discussing their private life in private as opposed to everyone being allowed to listen and has found most people truly are not interested in other people’s lives.

Call or email for a free consultation 602-326-5244

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