Angels, Angels, Everywhere

indexDoes a child you know see, hear or sense things that you cannot? Have you ever watched a baby laughing and giggling for no apparent reason? Are you concerned their imagination is running away with them; that their friends and yours might start thinking of them as odd? Relax. They just might be talking with Angels. Angels really are everywhere and children are naturally receptive to their presence regardless of your beliefs. However if they don't know that Angels exist, the experience may be scary. Angels, Angels, Everywhere is a story and activity book that explains Angels and their interactions with us in simple terms that your child can understand. It allows you as the caregiver to discuss with your child, ages 2 to 8 years, how Angels are here to help them and love them. This book is a catalyst, through various activities, for you to interact with your child to gain a better understanding of what he/she is seeing, hearing and feeling. (With your encouragement, the more they understand their experiences, the less fear they will have.) After all, would anyone else make a better playmate for your child than their own special Angel? 





Angels Simplified Paperback

Angels Simplified author marilyn poscicAt the beginning of the year I was guided by the Angels which I lovingly call “The Guys” to write a book about Them that is very simple and easy to understand. When you begin to understand then accept that there is a very vast world out there that is just waiting for you to ask for Their help your life will not ever be the same again! I have been working closely with the “Guys” which is my term for the Angels, for close to 20 years. I have read many books about Angels which has helped me a lot but many were very difficult to read or hard to understand. I like things in simple form. I know I am not different from you so I created a book that I feel and hope is very simple for you to understand.

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marilyn_coverLast Soul Standing Book

In 2009 Marilyn Poscic lost her mother Margaret to stroke, leaving her totally alone.

The stroke caught her totally off guard and unprepared. Up until the day it happened Margaret had been a totally healthy outgoing energetic, life of the party 87 year old with no history of any disease. She wasn’t even on any medications. And then BAM!

What happened over the next several months was agonizing, frustrating, stressful, and sometimes joyful for marilyn as she took on the medical system to get Margaret the care and consideration she deserved. Marilyn suffered through the learning process all by herself with no relatives to lean on just her angels and her God. She was The Last Soul Standing.

She survived the ordeal and made it her purpose in life to make sure others didn’t have to learn the harsh realities of hospitals, rehabs, and nursing homes, the way that she did. Prepare yourself for the unexpected. Learn the lessons presented here, not only for your benefit, but for all your loved ones.

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