Classes & Presentations

Classes & Presentations

In addition to doing Angel/Medium Readings, Spiritual Development and Healing Sessions, Marilyn loves to educate. “I feel we are living in a time where people are believing more that there are other forces at work around us all the time, even though we cannot feel, see, touch or hear it as clearly as we can one another in our “human” life. People are awakening more everyday and seeking knowledge to help them better understand the so called unexplained whether it is for them personally to develop and understand their own spirituality or to understand more clearly on how the universe works and the Spiritual “beings” available to us all of the time.”

In her presentations, she keeps it simple and easy to understand and strives to make it as interactive as time allows. I love to see people develop their own “wings,” and be able to fly, whether to use them for their own personal needs, to help loved ones, or develop their own psychic or medium abilities. Marilyn offers a variety of classes to help people understand the Angelic Realm and to tap into their own spiritual abilities.

Each class varies on length and class size and can be presented in private homes, organizations or businesses.

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