Angel Simplified

Angel Simplified

Awakening to Your Own Angels

Ever wonder what Angels are in your life? Are you curious why you keep finding pennies, dimes, or you think about someone, then they contact you? Ever have a feeling you are seeing something out of the corner of your eye, or why your ear keeps ringing? Do you keep hearing the same song over, or see repetitive numbers?

Do you wonder how you can connect with Angels and how They connect with you? Their purpose and Their meaning? Why They are in your life and how you can interact with Them on a daily basis?

In this presentation learn;

• Hierarchy of the Spiritual Realm

• Names of Angels, Colors and Mission

• How They help with Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career

• Protection not only for you, but your loved ones

• How to Better connect with them no matter your religious or spiritual beliefs

Contact your Angel Messenger Marilyn Poscic to RSVP for her next class or to book a private party or group class. Call 602-326-5244 or email

Contact Marilyn to help you work through every aspect of your awakening — whether you feel the need for a reading to connect with the spiritual realm, talk to a deceased loved one, learn what is happening in this life time, how it might relate to a past life time, what direction you need to take, or whether you need to take a class or classes to seek additional enlightenment.

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