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Personal One on One – Spiritual Development Mentoring

Do you find yourself wondering how to trust those gut feelings or trying to understand those voices you keep hearing? Are you having “unexplained” things happen, keep becoming ill, have many aches and pains, find your relationship or career is no longer working for you? Would you like to have a clearer understanding of why you are here and what you are suppose to do to become happier, healthier and more loving of yourself?

These private development sessions are designed on individual needs wanting more clarity and confidence within your own spirituality and to help you align your human side with your spiritual side. I begin with a 90 minute session, that includes an Angel reading, then allowing the Angels to direct me to help you release the blockages within you that are holding you back from finding your true happiness and love of yourself, first.

This is followed with a weekly 60 minute session, starting with an Angel reading, followed by continuously helping you release those blockages through guided meditations, diagrams, charts and homework assignments as I am guide to have you complete. You will be keeping a journal of your weekly progress and writing down questions that we will address every week that enables you to become stronger with your own intuition, achieving more confidence, clarity, happiness, health and understanding, but more importantly love and forgiveness.

Marilyn loves helping people find their own spiritual path in a very simple, safe, easy to understand and comfortable way. She has found in her many readings especially over the last 3 years; people are looking for something else in their life. More and more people are discovering there is something more fulfilling for them but not quite sure how in what direction they need to move forward with these feelings, or how to approach these new sensations. Marilyn feels as so many others are feeling, the world truly is speeding up and not because we are getting older. The Universe is drawing all of us “lightworkers” (those that believe in a spiritual side that is from the white light,) closer together. Not only with one another, but also within our own self, entwining our human side with our soul or spiritual side. This is what Marilyn loves to do. The best way, in which she likes to describe these sessions, giving people the chance to experience their own “Angel Wings!” Each session is designed for each individual’s needs, wants and desires. In these sessions you will learn how to stay balanced, grounded, focused and protected. If Marilyn discovers a blockage that is holding one back, she will help you clear that blockage, so you can move forward with ease knowing you are always protected. The goal for these sessions is to help you discover how to entwine the “human” side with the spiritual side allowing you to move forward ease and confidence giving you a better understanding of why you are here and what you are meant to accomplish in this life time. In addition you will fully understand there truly is another world that does exist even though we cannot see, touch, hear, smell or sense as clearly as we can one another in our human form. You will learn that it is not a scary world, you will have free access to this daily for anything you need, want or desire except to do ill harm to another. Your possibilities in this world will become limitless.

At the end of the month, together we will evaluate your progress and if you reached your goal or if we will need to continue, or if you are ready to move into the next advance stage. Please note. At some point as I am being guided, I will back off from the weekly sessions. I do not want you to become dependent on me. I like to see everyone stand proud, tall but most of all confident of their own “Angel Wings.” However this does not mean you cannot come back for adjustment sessions.

Please call for a FREE 15 minute consultation One on One Mentoring First 90 minute session $229, each 90 minute session thereafter $179 or $750 for 1 month pre paid.

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