Tuning into your Psychic Self Class


Learning to Trust Those Gut Feelings

Have you ever received an overwhelming feeling that something is about to happen, or that you and others shouldn’t go somewhere today? As a parent, have you ever refused to let your child attend an event because you had a “bad feeling” about it? Have you been driving and suddenly turned a different way and found that if you hadn’t you would have been in an accident? Have you ever said, “I knew it – I should have listened to myself?”

Marilyn explains what this all means and how you can better tap into that intuitive, spiritual side, to help you better understand;

• What is that Inner Voice/Feeling trying to Tell Me

• Where is that Inner Voice/ Feeling Coming From

• How to Trust it More/Make It Clearer, and not to be afraid

By learning to trust and understand you own intuition helps you to improve all situations in your life such as, health, career, relationships, and finances and over all well being and security.

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