I get asked this a lot and I question this all the time as well. I feel there has to be a balance of people in this world to keep us balanced. If everyone was happy all the time, would we strive to become our best. On the other side, if everyone was doing bad things all the time, what lessons would we learn from this? In either case, would we learn our lessons that is for our best and highest self?

People have been inflicting pain and suffering as well as love and good on one another since the beginning of time. As time has progressed, with communications becoming so much better, we are able to hear more about the world. However the media tends to mainly focus on the bad, the evil. Again it goes into the control issue. As long as people inflict fear on one another, then they feel in control.

I feel we all live many life times. We chose to keep back here to learn more more lessons to enrich our own spirit and soul. One way to understand if you have lived a past life is to question if you have had deja vu moments? A feeling like you have met this person before or have been in a place or situation before.

People who purposely do wrong to another, in most cases have many issues they are dealing with inside their own self. Mainly unforgiveness of another or of their self. I would venture to guess everyone has made someone angry and someone has mad you mad as well at some point in time of your life. It is so important to first forgive, then release it and let it go. Those people who cannot release the anger tend to lash out to cause others pain and suffering.

Does God punish us for that? I feel in most cases we tend to punish our own self. For those who do not feel any remorse on the pain they have inflicted on others, be it human, animal, plant, or anything that has energy, then there is something in their own soul or spirit that they have not learned or released here in this life time and that is something they have to deal with.

I feel once we pass over, we go before a judgement board and relive our lessons good and bad. We see and feel the good and the pain we have inflicted not only on ourself, but on others as well. This is our soul learning the lessons we came here to learn.

We are human and we do and will make mistakes. My advise is to learn to truly forgive. Ask God to help you forgive and ask for His forgiveness as well. But understand there always has to be a balance in your life. When asking for forgiveness, no matter what the forgiveness is about, ask to replace it with love, understanding and help with making a better you! Once you make a better you, then go out and help others create a better them.

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