What is Feng Shui?  Feng literally means wind and Shui means water. When you think of the human body, it is our breath that creates life and our body that makes the water that sustains it. Therefore, in inspecting our environments, we seek to find how our soul and spirit expresses who we are and what we want to achieve. We learn how to use Feng Shui to organize our lives.
Feng Shui Tip:
Sharyn Jordan has been  helping me in my new condo and practicing as well as teaching for over 20 years!  I am slowly making the recommended changes and it is truly remarkable the changes I am feeling in me not to mention my new home. Her book;
The Home Whisperer Feng Shui Simplified
You REALLY REALLY need to check out her web site whether you decide to utilize her amazing gifts or not www.fengshuisimplified.com
Sharyn is on vacation and we will receive our tips from her next month.
Place yellow flowers in your kitchen area for prosperity

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