Have you ever stopped and think why your pets or small children wake up almost everyday, happy, smiling, wagging their tails, excited to start their day? Do you? If not have you ever stopped to evaluate why not? Why would you wake up in a bad mood? It is a new day! A day to start a new beginning of your life. Someone said to me recently perhaps it could be because of your dreams while you sleep. Don’t you think children and animals dream? I know my dogs always did. Are their dreams different than ours or is it their attitude that is different. They know when they sleep they will wake up, do their bodily functions, eat, play, make their self happy and trust that the day will go well for them. We on the other hand tend to fret about everything. What do you have to accomplish today? Money, relationships, career, safety, health and on and on. Why do so many people have to worry about the unknown so much. Think about the excitement you feel when you are opening a present. How about when you played hide and seek as a child? What about traveling to a new place? Do you know what is in that present or where your friend is hiding, or what lies before you on a new trip adventure? Do you worry about it remember you don’t know the answer to what lies beneath these unknowns, or do you get a big smile on your face and an excited or butterfly feeling in your stomach of a new adventure.
Why don’t we learn to ask our higher power, whatever that is you believe in, for me it is God and Angels, to help you to trust more and to have each and every single day a happy one by beginning your day with a smile, laughter and love in your heart.
If something is troubling you, learn to ask through prayer, for help and advise. Then be willing to trust your prayers are being heard and help will be on the way. I always recommend when asking for anything that you ask for your best and highest self. Then when a “miracle” does happen, it will happen in the time that is truly best for you as They ALWAYS know better than we think we do!

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