Helping Your Loved Ones Transition

crossing_over_angel_messenger_marilyn_poscic-657865This year of 2014 is bringing in great new energy at a very fast pace. Know many people are not able or wanting to handle this new energy so they are electing to go home. Please do not be selfish to hold on to them. Comfort them. Talk to them and help to elevate their fears. Understand the only thing in life that you are guaranteed of is that you will die. However I do not like to use the word die. I feel it is our “human” body that dies but our soul and spirit remains very much alive. That is why mediums such as myself can connect to loved ones that have crossed over to deliver messages bringing you comfort, love and closure. One of the best ways to help a loved one cross over is asking the highest power you believe in to surround them with white light for protection and blue light for love. Talk to your loved one about things they are seeing, hearing and feeling, even though you may not be able to sense the same things. Comfort them when they tell you they are seeing Angels, their deceased loved ones, or any other spiritual beings. When my mother was transitioning, upon visiting her one day, she told me an old neighbor of hers from back in Ohio whom she hadn’t seen in years had come to visit her. I told her I didn’t think that could be true as this woman was very old and frail and wouldn’t be able to travel that far. Mom insisted she had come and sat beside her and they had a nice visit. I received a phone call that night from another old neighbor telling this lady had recently passed! If they are feeling frightened, call upon Arc Angel Michael to surround them with His white light of protection. Once they have transitioned, light at least one white candle then ask your highest power, personally I use God, that your loved get to a higher place as fast as they can, that is for their Best and Highest Self. It is extremely important that you always use the phrase best and highest whether you are asking for something for yourself or others. It goes back to that old saying; be careful what you ask for. Since it is our human body that dies and our soul and spirit remains alive, our deceased loved one are always trying to connect with us. If you can learn to find and accept some of the signs that they are still with you, you will be able to start communicating with them as well.

A few of the signs your loved ones whom have past show you they are still with you are; a song will unexpectedly play that will remind you of them. Lights, radios, TV’s anything electrical will turn on and off for no apparent reason, a picture hanging on the wall will keep being crooked or keeps falling off the wall. A picture or piece of jewelry will show up unexpectedly. An unusual bird will appear or a butterfly, hummingbird or dragonfly will linger longer than usual. You will feel a warm comforting sensation and you just “know” yet your brain will interfere. Do not allow your brain to ever rule your heart. Sometimes the hardest part isn’t the letting go, rather the moving on.

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