I get asked many times how can I connect with Angels? Who are my Spirit Guides? Is it OK to talk or connect with my loved ones who have passed over? My answer is always the same. Give yourself permission first, then just ask! We have been taught for many years that you must go to your place of worship and listen to the person in charge only to be able to connect. Many beliefs also instill it is not OK to communicate with those that have passed over, or that they are truly dead and cannot communicate with us.

Why do you think this happens?
I believe it is due to the control factor. As long as people can instill fear upon us, whether that is a religious, political, or even in learning, such as schools control, then we are in fear of doing anything different or to go against their beliefs for fear of punishment.

I believe we all have the freedom to believe and act what feels right in our heart and gut. That is where our own intuition lies that each and every single one of us are born with and have the right to use.

When you allow fear to rule you, then that is what you will receive. When you allow your own intuition to rule, then that is what you will receive. Think about the word fear. How does that make you feel? Does the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Does your stomach rumble? Do you shudder? Or see dark colors?

On the other side, how do you feel when you follow your heart? When you do things that truly make you feel good without guilt? Do you feel butterflies in your stomach? Get goose bumps. Smile laugh, see bright colors? Which one of these makes you feel better? No one can control or rule you, but you! As long as you truly feel in your heart and gut you are doing the right thing, then I say go for it!

How do you tap into these feelings and thoughts? We are all born with it. Your heart and gut will never lie to you and they will back each other up every time. However you only have about 29 seconds to listen to them as your brain, as we are human, will interfere every time. Now with that knowledge you can extend those 29 seconds with practice into 1 full minute, 2 minutes, even up to hours, but you must practice and trust what you are receiving.

The best way to seek help with this is to ask the Angels for Their help. The Angels are always here with us and want to help, but you must ask. The only exception to this are the 2 Guardian Angels we have from the moment of conception. They are with each and every single one us of us to protect us from dying, or as I like to say, passing, before it is our time to go. There are so many examples of this which I will go into much more detail on another blog, but one main example was on Sept 11, 2001. Look at all the stories that followed later of the many people that should have been on one of those planes or in one of those buildings?

You can ask the Angels for anything EXCEPT to do bodily harm to someone or something. I always start my people who are new to to all of this with Arc Angel Michael. In my opinion, He is the most protective and powerful Angel out there. He radiates to the color of white for protection and blue for love. If you feel you need more love in your life, ask him to fill you with His blue light of love. If you feel you need more protection from anything including taking on other people's emotions, then ask Him to surround and protect you with His white light of protection. A good way to imagine this, is to think of a tornado or hurricane. In the eye of the storm is the calm. So in your mind's eye, place yourself in the eye of the storm, and imagine Arc Angel Michael being the storm and tossing all the debris away from you.

We all have the ability to do this but you must ask, whether out loud, in prayer, meditation or just thinking about it.

I love to teach and do presentations with much more detail on this. Please contact me for details on how you all can receive your own Angel and Angel wings in your life!


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