The flu and cold season is upon us. While it always best to consult with your doctor, here are some quick and inexpensive cold and flu prevention tips for keeping from getting sick, or recovering more quickly.

Cold and Flu Prevention Tips That Will Keep You From Getting Sick

First make sure to get plenty of rest. Recommended sleep at night is 7-8 hours. If your body is telling you to rest or take a nap, listen to it! Your own body knows best.

Second Plenty of vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin required by the body for the proper absorption of calcium, bone development, control of cell growth, neuromuscular functioning and proper immune functioning. Inadequate levels of vitamin D can lead to a weakened immune system. The best source of vitamin D is the sun. Sit or stand in the sun for about 5 minutes each day. It is best to be able to look directly at the sun without any protective eye wear for just a blink of a second several times. The best way for the sun to heal is through your eyes to get into  inside of you! The least amount of clothes you can wear, the better. Best food sources containing vitamin D are fish such as salmon, tuna, eggs, low fat milk, mushrooms to name just a few.

Exercise. I know if you are sick the last thing you think about is exercising. To prevent becoming sick, exercise. Even if it is a short walk, yoga, stretching. Anything that gets your body moving to keep moving the toxins in your body. If you are sick, then do deep breathing exercises. Take in a deep breath, hold to the count of 4, then release slowly. Best to do this at least 3 times in a row, through out the day and night.

Call upon Arc Angel Raphael who is the healing Angel. Personally I would do this first. He radiates to the color of green. Ask for his help to heal you or a loved one. Ask Him to heal what ails you not only on a physical level, but you can also ask on emotional as well, as I believe that all diseases start on an emotional level. As you are taking in your deep breathes. first I would imagine bringing in breathes of white light. Then take in breathes and imagine green light surrounding the areas that are ailing you the most.

You can always ask the Angels for help. They want to help us but you must ask. Be careful of what you ask for. How many people have won the lottery and are now bankrupt? I always ask for my best and highest self.

I would be happy to teach an Intuitive Medicine class for you,  your group or organization.  Contact me for details.

Keep the Doctor Away with Natural Cold Prevention

These cold and flu prevention tips are not just for flu and cold season, but also can be used all year for most aches, pains, and diseases.

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