Meditations Sessions

Monthly Meditations Sessions

While reading a book about out of body experiences last month I was given a message by my Angels to create a monthly meditation session. I was told it was time to bring likeminded people together to share of their unexplained experiences to allow them to understand they are not alone. I have created a monthly session in which for ½ hr before the meditation we will have a chance to mix and mingle to share then I will facilitate a different meditation each month helping each one of you to find what Angel, Spirit Guide, Animal totem, how to get a better night’s sleep and to release all blockages you have whether health, love, finical, relationships, career helping you to move forward getting in touch with that inner spirit which is truly you.

These sessions will be limited in size so I can work with each person and are being held in private homes so you must contact me for arrangements. I will come to your home or business so please contact me for details. Have Angels will travel!

Meditation CD

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