Message from the Angels!!
Our dear ones know We love you All so much!!!
Have you been taking inventory or are you beginning to take inventory? As your earth plane changes into different seasons, you must be prepared to take inventory of all that is in your life NOW, both material and inner self. This is the 9th month of the year and a perfect time for endings!
Begin by taking inventory of your personal material items. What have you not seen, used or brought you joy in the past few years? Begin to release all of the items that is no longer serving your higher self. Perhaps when you begin to go through these items, it will bring up memories of the past. Do they still make you feel good and bring a smile to you? Or do you think, that was the past and no longer serves me now. By beginning to clear the material things out of your life, will open up the gateways of cleansing out the very things that is blocking your soul from reaching that place of full enjoyment. Donate your personal items to ones that truly have a need and use for them. Take the time to reach out and find the ones that are in need. Trust Us, this will pay you back many times over!
Next go deep inside to discover what emotions, mentally, physically or spiritually that is not serving your higher self. Much like you would place your personal items in some type of trash receptacle, place these unneeded blockages within you in a trash receptacle of your choice. Once completed tie it tightly with a big red ribbon or rope. Give it to Us to dispose of for you. Then replace it with what will take you to a higher place of consciousness. This will be a heavy weight to release for many, but this 9th month is a perfect time to do so. You will begin to feel much lighter, brighter, happier and healthier.
Then be prepared Our dear ones, for new rockets to soar within you!

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