Message from the Angels!

Dear Ones Know We Love You ALL So Much!!!!!
Our thoughts and word for you to ponder right now are Peaceful and Easy.Take a moment to take in a deep breath and truly allow these words to resonate and penetrate you. Now doesn't that make you feel better. A good way to help you truly resonate with these words is to sit outside and truly observe instead of taking it all in for granted. Have you truly ever watched a tree, a plant, birds? They all just go with the flow. They all know, realize and accept that when they were born or given life that one day this life will be taken from them. So they all just go with the flow so to speak, strive for their survival as easily and happily as they can. If you have ever truly observed let's say a tree, it will go with the flow of wind, sun, rain, snow, the changing of the season. It will produce the best leaves for life knowing full well that these leaves will eventually leave but if you listen do you ever hear them complaining? Yes for some they experience fire and death which We do not like to use the word death as you never truly die. Their soul as yours will live on forever. Imagine if you take this way of living for yourself and go with the flow so to speak to find that peaceful easy feeling everyday, ask yourself how that would change your world and the world of those around you. So many of you get caught of in the turmoil and emotions of life but if you can remember these 2 words to bring more balance into your soul or spirit  and the human side the new possibility for you are endless.

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