Spiritual Development Mentoring

Spiritual Development Mentoring

Do you find yourself wondering how to trust those gut feelings or trying to understand those voices you keep hearing? Are you having “unexplained” things happen to you? Do find your relationship, career or health is no longer working for you? Would you like to have a clearer understanding of why you are here and what you are suppose to do to become happier, healthier and more loving of yourself?

These private development sessions are designed on individual needs wanting more clarity and confidence within your own spirituality and to help you align your human side with your spiritual side. I begin with a 90 minute session, that includes an Angel reading, then allowing the Angels to direct me to help you release the blockages within you that are holding you back from finding your true happiness and love of yourself.

This is followed with a weekly 60 minute session, starting with an Angel reading, and continuously helping you release those blockages and introducing you with tools that enables you to become stronger with your own intuition, achieving more confidence, clarity, happiness, health and understanding, but most importantly love and forgiveness.

After 1 month, together we will evaluate your progress and decide whether you need to proceed, or if you are ready to move into the next advance stage.

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