Well, I am delayed in writing this because I have been getting freelance work left, right and center. This is great compared to last year (2009) when I was laid off from a staff job and Read More…

couldn’t find a scrap of work for 9 months. What does this have to do with Mari-lyn? Everything. Even though I was searching everywhere for another staff job, in my last reading, Mari-lyn received messages that I’d spend 2010 freelancing if I hustled.

And in the reading before that, I was living in Phoenix and she saw the numbers for my next place of employment: 213. And she kept getting pictures of a downtown area. Well, I’m on my 7th month of freelance employment in downtown Los Angeles and I park in a building with a 213 address. Coincidence? Don’t think so. Freaky? Maybe a little. Amazing? Totally.

These two examples scratch the surface of Mari-lyn’s psychic abilities. Not only does she have this talent in spades, she’s also an exceptional person. I truly enjoy being around her and have stayed in touch with her since we met through one of her clients in the winter of 2008.


Holly L. Los Angeles CA