The Power of Prayer
Please understand the power of prayer. Know there is a whole world out there that has such incredible power that for us as “humans” is really hard to understand and comprehend. There are many reasons for this. One, we cannot see, touch, feel hear it as well as we can one another in our human life. Another might be due to your religious or government upbringing. Many of the leaders in these two areas like to instill fear in us so they can remain in control. Ultimately you are the only one in control of you. Allow yourself to tap into this world through the power of prayer no matter your religious beliefs. All you have to do is ask. However I recommend to always ask for what is good for your best and highest self. It goes back to the saying be careful of what you ask for. You may ask your higher power of the universe, for me that is God and Angels, for ANYTHING except to do bodily harm to someone.
A great personal example of this which recently happened to me, a good friend of mine was placed in the hospital due to many ongoing medical conditions. His daughter kept texting me with updates. Within a few short hours he was moved to hospice. His daughter asked, now what? I said it is best to let him go as he doesn’t want to be here anymore. She agreed and didn’t want to see him suffer any more. I advised to light white candles and pray that he transitions quickly that is for his best and highest self. Then envelope him with white light and love. Not only did the whole family do this but the sisters posted on facebook as well. The outgoing love and prayers that were sent was amazing. He transitioned within hours. Now at peace and no suffering.
This is what the power of prayer can do for you. I truly believe because of so many people praying for him and sending love and white light, he was able to make his journey quicker.

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