Angel Card Reading

Angel Card Reading
Marilyn is now offering a free 5 minute Angel card reading. In this reading you will spend 5 minutes with Marilyn by phone or email. Marilyn uses Angel cards in her ½ hour and 1 hour sessions at the end of her reading. These cards will confirm for you what Marilyn has told you through her Angels, but this gives you a chance to see it in “black and white!”

Requirements before a Reading
The only 2 things Marilyn requires of her client’s before a reading is to keep an open mind. It is always best to record, take notes, or have a friend take notes. Some of the messages you will receive may not make sense now but will in a day, week, month or even as long as a year or 2 later. By having a way to retain this information will help you understand the whole large picture.

Secondly, write down any questions you may have ahead of time. Marilyn leaves the last 10 minutes to address any questions you may have that was not addressed in your reading. In your reading, you will receive so much information that you may forget what you wanted to ask. By writing down your questions ahead will keep this from happening to you.

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