Angel/Psychic/Medium Readings

Intuitive Angel/Psychic/Medium Readings

Marilyn prepares before each reading no matter whether it is a phone, in person or group reading by meditating at least ½ hr before so she can cleanse and clear her “human” brain and connect with her “Angel” brain. When you have a reading with Marilyn she calls upon and connects with her Angels and the entire spiritual world and asks to receive messages that are for that person’s best and highest self for today, tomorrow and in the near future. Although from time to time Marilyn will receive messages for her client that does deal in the future, sometimes as far out as 2-5 years she believes we all have free will to change whatever it is in your life that you are not liking right now, so she concentrates on the right now and in the near future.

In her readings it truly is a combination of Angel, Psychic and Medium messages. She has learned to trust and rely on the messages she receives that are for her client’s best and highest self.

In an Angel reading you will find out what Angels are in your life, their name, color, what signs They give you, as well as any other guides, why They are there, how They can help you, and how you can better connect with them.

In a psychic reading, you will discover more about you human side and receive answers to your many questions about relationships, career, financial, health, home, etc. You see, more on the human side of your life. In either of these readings sometimes a past life will come up to help you discover what life you have had in the past and how it is affecting you in this life time. This helps to give you a better understanding of why you are here, what you are suppose to do, the understanding of people that have come into and left your life and what your purpose is here now.

In a Medium reading is Marilyn is able to connect with loved ones that have crossed over. Marilyn believes through many years of teachings and studies that it is our human body that dies, but our soul or spirit will continue to live on. This soul goes home but is still very much alive which is why our loved ones are still able to connect with us even after their human body dies. This is evident in many ways such as lights or electrical devices turning on off for no apparent reason. You will hear a song for no apparent reason that will have messages to you from your loved one. A picture will keep falling or crooked on the wall. A piece of jewelry will show up unexpectantly. Perhaps you will feel an unexpected breeze or feel warmth or a scent which would remind you of your loved one. Or you begin to see butterflies, hummingbirds or a variety of other unexplained animals appear and you “just know” someone is trying to get your attention. Marilyn is able to connect with these passed loved ones by delivering messages helping you to better understand they truly are fine and watching over you, revealing the different signs on how they are trying to connect with you which will bring comfort, peace and closure.

Angel Card Reading

Marilyn uses Angel cards in her ½ hour and 1 hour sessions at the end of her reading. These cards will confirm for you what Marilyn has told you through her Angels, but this gives you a chance to see it in “black and white!”

Requirements before a Reading

The only 2 things Marilyn requires of her client’s before a reading is to keep an open mind. It is always best to record, take notes, or have a friend take notes. Some of the messages you will receive may not make sense now but will in a day, week, month or even as long as a year or 2 later. By having a way to retain this information will help you understand the whole large picture. Secondly, write down any questions you may have ahead of time. Marilyn leaves the last 10 minutes to address any questions you may have that was not addressed in your reading. In your reading, you will receive so much information that you may forget what you wanted to ask. By writing down your questions ahead will keep this from happening to you.

Reading Length

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