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The monthly meditation gathering are held around the valley which will be listed below. They all begin with a 1/2 hr mix and mingle with light refreshments. The guided meditation will be lead by the Angels in what they feel will be best for everyone for that evening. If you care to share what you receive during the meditation I will then do a mini Angel version on your journey. In answer to your many questions I want you to know yes you may invite your friends. All are welcome that you feel this would benefit. However I do ask that you rsvp to me or the appropriate host which will be listed below and email included above so we can make sure we have room for everyone and enough munchies!
The Gilbert meditation begins at 6:30 and ends by 8:30 The west side and Scottsdale begin at 6:00 and ends by 8:00. Sometimes these do run a little over depending on questions but I do try and respect everyone's time. During the mix and mingle please feel free to meet other like minded people as in these times many friendships and businesses have been conducted. Suggested donation $20 is appreciated.
West side Thurs June 4th (Clara) Begins at 6;00
Gilbert Thurs June 11 (Deb and Brianne) Begins at 6:30
Scottsdale Thurs June 18 (Wes and Glenna) Begins at 6:00 pm
I will also be offering 2 detailed meditations this month introducing you to Angels in smaller settings in my home in Central Phoenix. I have had a few of these and people are really loving them. These will begin at 6:30 and be finished by 8:00 pm
Weds June 10 Arc Angel Raphael the healer Angel. Together Raphael and i will help you with all levels in your life you would like healed. Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual
Weds June 24 Arc Angel Uriel The messenger Angel from the higher realm. We will begin first by answering questions you may have about Angels followed by inviting Uriel in to help you receive messages from the higher spiritual realm.
Each of these session are $25. I only have room for 4 more for next Weds with Raphael so if you would like to come please don't wait.
I will also be at 2 events this month Sat June 6 Home and Beauty& Fashion Show from 10-3 at the Four points Sheraton for more info go to www.themessageevents.org 
Sunday June 28 The Phoenix Psychic Fair from 9-5 For more info go to
www.phoenixpsychicfair.com I will be doing an 1 hour presentation on Angels Simplified at 3:00 pm
Please let me know if you have any questions or feel free to contact the meditation hosts.
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