Spiritual Zoom Classes lead by Marilyn Poscic and Amelia Walsh

Empowering the Mind by Strengthening and Trusting Your Intuition Making the choices that are best for you and your love ones.

The world is ever revolving. We must find new ways to empower our mind to make choices that are best for us by enlightening our mind by strengthening and trusting our own intuition to adjust in a new world.

Intuition is magical but not reserved for a few people. Many question those gut feelings, known as intuition, all the time! We receive a great feeling or idea, then our brain presents doubt and fear and reasons with all the possibilities to make that idea a reality. Then we share that idea with others and as soon as someone raises negativity, we go into a self doubt mode. With all the fears and unknowns going on in the world right causes us even greater self doubt and fears! Are you done with that? Are you ready to move forward in trusting the intuition given to us the first day you were born?.

In these 4 week Interactive zoom classes, you will be given “human” tools such as crystals, essential oils, herbs and use of the pendulum as well as Spiritual guidance from Angels and meditations, to help you develop, connect and listen to your intuition. Each week you will receive handouts and have the availability to contact us with questions that arise. We will also have special guest appearances from an executive sous chef helping with nutritional needs.
You will elevate your intuition to guide you to improve your health, relationships, wealth and become happy and comfortable with YOU!
Additionally you will find ways to transform your state of mind to gain freedom from repeating  negative old patterns.
These enlightening though challenging at time classes will be lead by Marilyn Poscic and Amelia Walsh.

Spiritual Zoom Classes lead by Marilyn Poscic and Amelia Walsh