Marilyn Poscic is a internationally known, Intuitive Angel Messenger/Medium, Author of Angels Simplified & 3 other books, Spiritual Teacher & Mentor and Reiki Master Teacher.

In 1995 my only sibling my brother passed of aides. I began to question, what happens when we die. Was I in denial the only sibling I loved had passed, or was there something else?

A few years later I began seeing Angels and “dead” people around others and giving them messages that I was receiving. The more people I saw the more of the unknown came through. The angels were comforting but the dead people became annoying.

When taking my Reiki master teacher training in 2000, my teacher explained I was a very powerful healer and I was just coming into my own. I asked, will the dead people go away. Her answer was NO, they will become stronger! Since I am not a coward, I began working with many psychics, reading books, going to classes, anything that would help me learn more about this spiritual world.

After losing all of my family members and not having children, there were times that I have felt truly alone. I feel sooo very grateful and blessed to being so very well connected to my “Guys” which is the nickname I use for all of the spiritual beings of the white light I work with, helping me with my higher purpose in life, to help others seek that love, guidance, comfort and healing as well.

The look in people’s eyes when they get it, the hugs and follow up messages of gratitude brings me extreme comfort and joy! Thank you Guys!