Marilyn is the author of 4 books.

Last Soul standing Surviving My last Surviving Relative This books makes you become aware in case the unexpected arrives. Are you prepared?

Angel Simplified If you are looking for an easy to understand book about Angels, this is a must read. It also acts as your own personal journal!

Angels Angels Everywhere is a children’s book designed for you as a care taker of a child to be able to sit down with your child and allow them to draw or write the things that you cannot see or hear in a non-threatening or judgmental way!
Its shining content reveals how the pockets of despair are silver-lined. The stories unfold sweet secrets of hope, celebrate perseverance, and unveils the beauty of rising above. Each chapter is a divine dance between practical magic and everyday opportunities to witness the extraordinary. These legacy tales are applicable not simply theorized approaches to lasting fulfillment, inner peace, and happiness.

The authors’ hard-won decisions about relationships, careers, family life, spiritual growth, and wellness stand victoriously tall in their stellar stories.