Angel Sessions with Marilyn Poscic

Marilyn has a unique way of combining the messages she receives through messages from Angels which she calls her “Guys”, to give you a combination of not only messages from Angels, but a psychic and medium reading as well.

All of her sessions are by appointment only. This gives her a chance to cleanse and clear her human brain and connect with the Guys to get into her Angel brain usually on her morning daily walks. She asks that you write down any questions ahead of time. You will receive a lot of valuable information during your session and people tend to forget what they wanted to ask. Not only will this help you remember your questions IF they are not addressed during your session, but it enables your energy to connect with the universe to receive the information you need that is for your best and highest self.

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In Marilyn’s Angel sessions whether you to choose to do an in person session, internet via zoom or Facebook video messenger or by phone, she will ask your name, phone number, email address and you birthday and month. Since she works primarily with Angels, They give her random messages for people and will not let her alone until she delivers the random message to you. She also sends out a monthly newsletter at no charge where she shares a channeled message from the Guys, upcoming events and information about the current zodiac sign. It is your choice whether you would like to receive the newsletter. In addition to sharing messages from Angels, she uses your birth date and month to receive your current personal year number and it’s meaning for you using numerology.

People leave feeling more love, comfort, peace and a better sense of direction in their life. Who better to guide you than Angels with Their unconditional love with no judgement, right?

What sets Marilyn apart from so many others is she gives you the information you need to know, not what you think you want to know as she has learned personally through her 20 plus years of working with her Guys, They always know best!

The best way to receive a reading is to come with an open mind, open heart and no expectations!

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