Cleansing and Saging Your Home of Negative Energy

Are you sensing something in your home that feels dark or you feel like there is something blocking you from moving forward? Are you hearing, perhaps seeing or sensing a dark heavy energy? If so it’s time for a spiritual cleansing.

Every now and then dark negative energy as well as entities get trapped in our home and we always need to be aware of this and the energy both inside as well as outside of your home. As soon as you walk into your home you should be able to take a deep breath and feel the happiness, joy and comfort. Your home should be welcoming, inviting, loving, comforting and supportive of you as well as others who reside in the home with you. If someone has passed in your home or there tends to be a lot of arguments and tension the energy in your home needs to be cleansed.

Marilyn will come into your home both in person or virtually with the team of her “Guys” that she works with and sage your home. In addition to using sage she will also be open to receiving messages from the Guys as to what is going on and either fix it herself while saging or meet with you after to discuss further action.

Regardless of whether is able to fix while saging or not, she will sit down with you after and discuss the things you need to do if further action is required and explain why this has happened to you. It’s like receiving a mini reading after the cleansing.

Please contact Marilyn before scheduling an appointment as time and cost will depend on the size of your home!

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