Spiritual Classes and Meditations

Marilyn loves helping others grow their own wings, strengthen and develop their own intuition and find peace, love and messages from their own Angels through her meditation sessions. People love her meditations. Could be her deep voice or guidance of her Angels. Some fall asleep during her meditations which is fine as that give your subconscious mind time to connect with the spiritual realm keeping your brain from questioning.

In her vast assortment of classes, most are deigned to help you learn about different Angels and to work with your own Angels on a more intimate level. In addition, she helps you develop and strengthen your own intuition.

Some of the most popular classes are, cutting cords with Arc Angel Michael, Healing with Arc Angel Raphael, receiving messages on a spiritual side with Arc Angel Uriel, receiving messages and communicating better on a human side with Arc Angel Gabriel. Problem solving with Arc Angel Jerimiah. She also engages in helping you learn about chakras which are energy centers located throughout your body. Where they are located, the different colors, what they mean for you and how to balance them.

All of her classes can be offer virtually via zoom or in person.

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