Medium Sessions

In addition to doing Angel and psychic sessions, Marilyn is also a medium. Mediums are people that are able to connect with love ones that have crossed over. With over 20 plus years of personal as well as professional experience, Marilyn has learned that it our human body that dies. Our soul remains very much alive and from time to time our passed love ones want to communicate with us. They give and show us signs many times letting us know they are still very much alive in spirit and that they are doing fine. A few of the many signs you may have already received are lights going on and off for no reason, a picture falling off the wall or finding a picture, a piece of jewelry appears seemingly out of nowhere, a song comes on that reminds you of them, a certain scent like perfume, baking, cigar of cigarette smoke, finding random dimes or feathers or having dreams about them. These are just a few of the many signs you may have already received that makes you wonder about them yet your mind gets in the way wondering if you are imagining it.

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Perhaps you are just looking for closure, want to speak unspoken words before they passed, asking for forgiveness or just making sure they made it and that they are doing fine. Marilyn is that 3rd party validator. In her medium sessions people find more peace, love, comfort and closure knowing and truly feeling connected to their passed love ones. She has been told many times, there is no way you could have known that! Thank you!

Please know true professional mediums cannot guarantee the passed love one you want to connect with will come through as they have a busy life in the after life as we do on this human plane. If a medium guarantees they can connect, please be very careful and hesitate with that person!
The best way to receive a medium reading is to come with an open mind, open heart and no expectations!

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