Angels Simplified

At the beginning of the year I was guided by the Angels which I lovingly call “The Guys” to write a book about Them that is very simple and easy to understand. When you begin to understand then accept that there is a very vast world out there that is just waiting for you to ask for Their help your life will not ever be the same again! I have been working closely with the “Guys” which is my term for the Angels, for close to 20 years. I have read many books about Angels which has helped me a lot but many were very difficult to read or hard to understand. I like things in simple form. I know I am not different from you so I created a book that I feel and hope is very simple for you to understand.

Angels Simplified Paperback

Angels Simplified author marilyn poscic    back cover Angels Simplified







I wish to dedicate this book to God, The Angels, my Mother, Father, Brother, all of my dogs who have passed and all of my other Spiritual Guides who are with me each and every single day and to all of my friends and clients who have believed and encourage me throughout the years. Without your love, help and support this book and my work would not be possible. I thank and love you each and every single day!

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