Spiritual Mentoring

More than ever people are searching to find and trust their own intuition. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. All of us are born intuitive that feeling you receive deep inside your heart or gut. You have about 29 seconds to listen and act on that deep feeling. In about 30 seconds your brain will interfere, then you begin to question those inner feelings. Have you ever had a feeling you should do or not have done something or felt like you should warn someone of something but you ignored it and something bad did happen? That is called intuition!

In a spiritual mentoring session, Marilyn will have you do a 1-hour session with her first. In this session she will evaluate with the messages she receives from her “Guys,” to see if you are truly ready to move further. Many think they are ready and it turns out that now is not the correct time for them. She will advise you on the next steps you need to take currently to help you in the future. Others may not even know they are ready and she advises that this a perfect time to move forward.

In the first initial visit, Marilyn evaluates blockages within that are holding you back from moving forward. Blockages are anything negative that has happened to you either created by you or others have done to you both in the present and past. If you have had a desire to move forward or forgive and forget but just can’t seem to get over that hurdle, you have a blockage!

After the first initial visit and everyone is in agreement, you will schedule a 90-minute mentoring session close to the same time and day of the week for 1 month. It’s important to make this commitment to yourself first, then the universe. By scheduling the same time and day each week allows your soul to adapt and prepare through your process. At the end of the month together you will evaluate whether you need a few more sessions or that you are well on your way to intuition freedom!

Please note Marilyn will only work with you for 6 weeks in a row. She doesn’t want you to become depend on her. The goal is the grow your own wings to fly confidently! However, this doesn’t mean you can not come back for tune ups. Blockages didn’t occur overnight night, neither will the releasing of them!

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