Psychic Readings with Marilyn Poscic

In Marilyn’s psychic readings, they are all really a combination or not only psychic but Angel and medium sessions as well. Marilyn does not claim to be a fortune teller. She receives all of her messages from her “Guys”. Before all of her sessions she brings in her “Guys” and ask to receive messages for yours and hers best and highest self for today, tomorrow and in the near future. Many likes to know what their life will be in a year, 2 years or even 10 years away. Please know the next minute, hour, week or year is not promised to anyone. Natural disasters and more recently the fallout from the covid 19 virus has taught all of this lesson.

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Marilyn always makes time before your appointment to get in her “Angel brain” to ask for your best and highest self. In a psychic reading the energy will be more focused on your current life to give you a better direction if life. However, many times messages will come through for situations that may occur and to be aware of in a year 2 years or even longer. Marilyn also has the ability to see if you are having physical problems and will address these issues giving you advise as to the emotional and mental causes and offer advise on how to heal these discomforts naturally. Please note, Marilyn is not a doctor and will not recommend not to see your doctor or take your medication.

So whether you seeking advise from a higher power of the white light with a better direction in life, health, romance, finance or other struggles in your life contact Marilyn to let her “Guys” guide you! You will receive more peace, love and comfort.

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