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Are You Prepared

Even if you have not ever lived with a tragedy in your life, one thing hopefully covid taught everyone world wide was to be prepared for the unexpected! I have a 92-year-old adopted mother and she has not ever lived

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Earth Angels

Are You One? Have You Encountered one? A few years ago, I ran to Costco to pick up goodies for my upcoming Easter trip. I proceeded to load up my car with all of my goodies meanwhile thinking about preparations

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April 2022 – Message from the Angels

Our dear ones know We love you All so much!!!What are your emotions and thoughts at this time? Are they faith vs fear? Balance vs disarray? Confidence vs uncertainty? Happy vs sad? Healthy vs Ill? Abundance vs lack?Your emotions rule

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The Seed Moon and April Numerology

The Seed Moon Full Moon April 16 Next full moon will be May 16  Money Tip!Place a silver coin where the moon can shine on it

What Do You Believe?

Today is March 31 2022 Two years ago the world was in lock down mode due to the covid-19 virus. Businesses, schools, places of worship,