Healing with Angels, Elements, Essential oils and Crystals

Natural healing has been around since the beginning of time. After being an x-ray technician for over 20 years and now doing spiritual work even longer, I have many ways to heal myself without the use of western medicine. Let me be clear. I am not advising to quit seeing your doctor (I feel we should all have a check up once a year), or quit taking your medication. However, if you utilize and use natural ways of healing of which some are available everyday at no cost the correct way, will help you heal more quickly and completely.

Let’s begin by sharing 2 elements that are available to us everyday and without these 2 things, we would all parish in a matter of minutes. Air is essential to everyone and everything, right? It is a proven medical fact, the deeper you breath by really filling those lungs with that precious air and completely exhaling while keeping in mind as you exhale the negativity you want to release. In addition to physical healing, you must concentrate on healing your emotional, mental and spiritual being as well. When you deeply exhale keep in mind anything negative you want to release. Let be gone, forgiven and forgotten! Most people shallow breath or just regular breaths. When you are in pain or recovering from a procedure, slow deep breathing will speed up the healing process.

Along with air the next essential element is the sun. The sun is the best natural source of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps boost the immune system and gives you energy. Try sitting out in the sun without any eye ware covering and blinking fast a few times, then close your eyes. The eyes are the gateway to your soul. Bringing in the vitamin D along with Arc Angel Raphael and his green light of healing energy, will help you heal faster as well.

Next, we have water. The adult human is made up of 60% water and an adult blood is made up of 90% water. It is also known to be true, by drinking a glass or water before going to sleep and a glass upon waking, will help prevent Alzheimer’s, strokes and aneurysms. By remembering to drink plenty of water and deep breathing throughout the day will help you to heal faster and completely!

The healer Angel is Arc Angel Raphael. He radiates to the color green for healing. Angels will not interfere in your life unless you give Them permission. Ask Arc Angel Raphael to bring His green light of healing energy to you, through you and for you. Sit out in the sun. Taking in a deep breath, ask Raphael to bring His green light of healing energy to you. Concentrate of the area(s) of discomfort. Concentrate extra green light in those areas and imagine it being broken into tiny little pieces of like gravel or dust. Then release it with deep breaths out. In addition to releasing the physical pain, please keep in mind to ask Raphael to help you release emotional and mental discomfort as well!

Essential oils have been around for many, many years. The best overall oil for healing everything is Frankincense. I personally like to place Frankincense under my nose or diffuse it for extra healing. Peppermint oil is good for energy, lavender is good for sleeping, wintergreen is good for achy bones, raven is good for breathing and ear problems, stress away is good for anxiety and stress and thieves is good to boost the immune system. These are just a few of 1,000 of essential oils.

Last but by no means least are crystals. Crystal have been around since the beginning of time. Just like frankincense, amethyst is the go-to crystal to help with everything! 2 years ago, I severely broke my ankle. I borrowed some of my friend’s crystals to place around my cast in rehab. She gifted me an amethyst bracelet. It was big for me so I put it way up my arm so as not to lose it. I had a big bruise there from the iv’s and drawing blood. Within 2 days the bruise was gone! Even I was amazed! Selenite help clear negative energy, tiger’s eye keeps negative energy away, anything green such as green quartz is good for the heart and citrine is good to help bring in abundance. If you are in any negative toxic environment such as home, work family or friends or have worry or stress issues, will interfere with your emotional, mental and spiritual state causing you physical harm. Remember, a healthy mind, heart and soul create a healthy body!

Doing these simple steps everyday and more often when in discomfort or pain will help speed and complete your recovery!



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