You Must Learn to Forgive in order to gain Faith and Trust

Forgiveness is huge my friends! We all have done something bad in our life. I have yet to meet anyone who has had a perfect life, myself included. We have all done or said things we regret whether intentionally or unintentionally.  We all have had others do or say bad to us that hurts. Forgive! Forgiveness is very difficult to overcome. However, to gain a stronger faith and trust within ourself, we must learn to forgive.

In the 20 plus years I have been doing spiritual work as well as working in the medical field for over 20 years, I have encountered many who have had terrible, seemingly unforgivable acts done to them. I feel we make a pact with our souls before we reenter this earth world, to come here to learn more lessons. For some, those lessons will be easy. For others these lessons can be very excruciating painful and seemingly unforgivable. It is crucial for our own well being on all levels, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually to learn to forgive.

I know it is easier to write this as opposed to being able to forgive. I can’t even imagine the pain of parents who have experienced brutal attacks on their children. Or someone left behind from a love one committing suicide. Or perhaps you have taken a life either intentionally or unintendedly. I know my brother was driving a car his senior year of high school and was too close to the side of the road. A friend of his hat blew out the window and as he reached for it the car slipped and his friend went out of the window and was killed. Yes, it was all a very tragic accident, but my brother carried that pain for a long time. Perhaps you have driven a vehicle and have hurt or killed someone or something. Maybe you have lost a love one and are in despair of how to move forward or angry because they have crossed over. Perhaps a while back, you have done bad things, ate too much or too little, did drugs, drank too much, swore a lot, gambled and lost everything, judged a lot or argued a lot or any number of other harmful acts. You must learn to forgive. Unforgiveness only hurts YOU, not others.

Turn to Arc Angel Raphael the healer Angel and ask for healing not only of the body, but of the heart, mind, soul and spirit as well. Next call upon Arc Angel Michael to help you cut those negative cords. Don’t expect to call upon Them once and expect this all to go away in a day. Chances are it didn’t just happen or there is more than one act to forgive. Keep asking for Their help, love, comfort, support and forgiveness and feel as those hunks of darkness begins to lift within your heart. By holding on to all of that darkness will cause you not only physical but emotional, mental and spiritual pain as well. Ask yourself, what lessons did I learn from this experience. What is important for me to learn in the present, what is it I can release to be in the present to help move toward the future.

Always turn to your “Guys” and ask for help. They are the only beings I know that love us unconditionally without judgement and I DO know They and only Them, have helped me through some very terrible times.



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