Spiritual Meaning of the Full Moon June 2024

The full moon in June 2024 is June 21st.  This June moon is called the strawberry moon signifying the short harvest of strawberries. All full moons are a great time to release all that is no longer serving your higher self on all levels, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and materially! Combine this energy with the energy of the summer solstice which is the day before June 20th which is All about new beginnings means this is a GREAT time to release!

Begin by going deep within your heart to see what is blocking and hurting you. It may be something or someone from a very long time ago or something more recent. Figure out is this something you need to hold on to grow OR is it holding you back from creating new beginnings?

Ask your Angels for help. If it is truly something or someone that you need to release, Ask Arc Angel Michael your warrior Angel to cut the cords. Let Him as well as all the spiritual beings of the white light you believe in know you are ready to release this. Make a list of all you want to release. It is also a great time to purge material things and if your home or office space feels negative or stagnant, sage it.

The night of the full moon burn your negative list. Create a new list with all the new energy you want into your life. Place this list where you are able to see it often and don’t forget to ask your Angels for help to create your new beginnings. Remember to be very specific with no limitations for if you do not know what you want or desire, how can the universe help you?

Do not forget to put your moon money out where the moon can shine on it the most for an entire week of the full moon to bring unexpected prosperity to you. Moon money is placing a silver coin out then setting your intentions of unexpected prosperity. Remember, prosperity is not always money related. In addition, place your crystals out the night of the full moon to cleanse and clear any negative energy they might have picked up!

Remember to keep your mind and spirit open to new horizons and leave your comfort zone behind! Expect new spiritual growth!



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