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Spiritual Life Coach Marilyn Poscic

The world is complicated enough without having past issues and blockages complicating our lives. It’s also difficult to go through life without some kind of guidance. Angel Messenger, through spiritual life coach Marilyn Poscic, will help you awaken to your own spiritual gifts, connect you with your spiritual guides, and help you to continue moving forward in this lifetime.

If you don’t believe in spiritual gifts, take some time to observe a baby.

That small person will look up, reach up, smile and laugh at the sky for no apparent reason. What is it they see that we don’t? As if that wasn’t enough, watch your pets some time. They’ll stare off into space, bark at nothing, chase things that aren’t there. Again, what do they see that we don’t? In truth, we are all born intuitive, as well as psychic, but we lose the ability to tap into those skills as the pressures of adult life force us to conform.

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Contact Marilyn to help you work through every aspect of your awakening — whether you feel the need for a reading to connect with the spiritual realm, talk to a deceased loved one, learn what is happening in this life time, how it might relate to a past life time, what direction you need to take, or whether you need to take a class or classes to seek additional enlightenment.  

In a world seemingly gone mad, these times truly call to us to manifest and awaken — to acknowledge, educate, and have a better understanding, not only in our physical life here on this earth, but also in other planes, that we cannot physically, see, touch or hear.

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