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A spiritual journey often begins with a personal tragedy. For Marilyn Poscic, the passing of her only sibling in 1995 led her down a path of spiritual awakening and discovery of her psychic gifts, ultimately allowing her to bring messages of love, healing, and closure to others through her work as an Intuitive Angel Messenger. Join Marilyn and MysticMag as we discuss these topics, her Reiki sessions, her amazing books, and more.

What led you down this spiritual path and when did you discover your psychic gifts?

I believe unless you grew up in a spiritual home that it takes a tragedy to open doors to your own spiritual journey. My tragedy happened in 1995 with the passing of my only sibling, my brother. After his passing, I began to question what happens after we die. Perhaps I was in denial that my younger had passed. Now I realized it was for the glorious doors to open for my own spiritual awakening.

Shortly after his passing, I began to see and hear messages from Angels and “dead” people around others. It was very real to me and I felt the need to deliver these messages. Many thought this was very loving and comforting while others thought I had completely lost my mind. As time went by this feeling became stronger. I began working with a psychic who helped me a lot but also warned me I was extremely gifted and she would only be able to take me so far and I would have to seek others to help spiritually mentor me. Both the Angels and “dead” ones became stronger and seem to always be with me. The Angels were a comfort however since I had no idea what was happening, the ‘dead” ones were scaring me.

What exactly is an Intuitive Angel Messenger and what is the process of communicating those messages to your clients?

I dived into learning more about this wonderful world of Angels and how when we pass it is our physical body that dies. Our soul and spirit remain very much alive and confirm this with many messages and signs. As I began to learn and trust more with messages I received, people began reaching out to me to obtain their own messages of love, comfort, peace, healing, and closure. People reach out to me not only to receive messages from past loved ones but to hear messages from Angels as well which helps them with a better direction in life.

All of my sessions are done by appointment only so I have a chance to get into my “Angel Brain”, leaving the human brain out so I have a better and clearer connection to all of the spiritual world.

Can you describe what your Reiki and Spiritual Healing Sessions look like?

A friend suggested I take a Reiki class. In that class, the instructor asked each of us why were there. I explained that it was because I see “dead” people and I want them to go away. She also informed me I was very powerful and that these gifts would only become stronger. Instead of running, I decided to learn more by reading, taking classes, and working with others to help me understand and gain more confidence in the messages I was receiving.

Can you share some spiritual mentorship success stories?

Through my mentoring and healing sessions, we get down to the root of what is troubling someone, and with the help of Arc Angel Michael, we remove those negative cords to help people achieve a higher spiritual plane. People often tell me that I helped them more than their doctors or therapists which brings great joy to me. People have felt more peace. Less pain, some have gotten off their medication or quit seeing their doctor as much and have felt a deeper connection to their own intuition and a greater love of their self!

Several years after my brother passed, I lost my husband due to a divorce, my 2 horses, my father to Alzheimer’s, 3 dogs, and finally in 2009 my mother who was my last surviving relative suffered a stroke of which she lived for an additional 5 months.

While my mother strived to live, I saw what the insurance and health care system was doing to many people and I kept saying when the dust settles, I need to write a book to help others. Luckily I had professional medical knowledge from working as an X-Ray Technician for over 20 years and was guided in the correct direction before placing my dad in a facility for Alzheimer’s. Even with my knowledge everyday seemed like a nightmare trying to protect my mother.

What can you tell me about your work as an author?

Unfortunately for me the dust did not settle until after my mother’s passing. 3 months after she passed, I wrote my first book Last Soul Standing, Surviving my last Surviving relative in 3 days! So many people have reached out to me to inform me how they had no idea about what I wrote in this book has prepared people before a tragedy happens! Many have learned now how much the insurance companies at least here in the United States, dictate the care of a loved one and I feel very blessed to enlighten people BEFORE a tragedy happens!

At the beginning of the new year 2 years later, The “Guys” (which is the name I assigned to all of the spiritual beings of the white light I work with) told me 2 write 2 more books. One to be titled Angels Simplified and to make it very easy for people to understand and work with their Angels as well. The other was to be titled Angels Angels Everywhere. A book They help me to create for caretakers of children to read with their child to have a better understanding of what that child is seeing, hearing, and experiencing that they can not as children as so very insightful. Angels Simplified is a very easy book to understand as well as a journal to provide one to take notes and complete with an easy reference guide to the 12 Angels I wrote about. The children’s book has also been a huge success in helping caretakers understand what their child is sensing without judgment.

Even though I have lost all of those who were near and dear to me, I have been blessed to be extremely happy to do this work as I know the Angels will not ever leave me and guide me every single day. The one good lesson I learned during the lockdown of the pandemic, was not only to be prepared before a tragedy happens, learning how to offer my services virtually throughout the world as well as in person and by phone! The look in people’s eyes of love, comfort, and healing brings me great joy and I know I am truly on the right path when people reach out to me to say, “You have no idea how much you have changed my life,” whether through my private sessions, my classes, healing, mentoring sessions or house cleansings, truly fills that void of not having my love ones alive in this physical life.

What other services do you offer?

When I saw the look of love, comfort, and peace in their eyes, I knew I had to do more so I began to offer personal spiritual mentoring as well as a variety of spiritual classes as I had done years before, as well as offering spiritual healing through being a Reiki Master Teacher and the help of Arc Angel Raphael and cleansing homes of negative energy with the help of all my Guys!

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