What the Month of July Means Spiritually

July is a month rich in spiritual symbolism and significance. As the heart of summer, July represents a time of growth, abundance, and inner illumination. The color red, which is dominant in July, symbolizes strength, courage, and the ability to take action. This is a time to tap into our assertiveness and boldly pursue our goals and desires. July is often seen as a time of abundance, prosperity, and celebration. This month invites us to express gratitude, indulge in the pleasures of the summer season, and embrace the joy and playfulness that this time of year can bring. The intense heat of July presents a unique spiritual challenge, challenging us to tap into our inner reserves of strength and resilience. This month serves as a reminder that the flames of adversity can forge the steel of our character.

July is the 7th month. In numerology 7 is all about having faith. Purple should be your go to color this month. You should plan in spending time alone in nature not only meditating but taking in all the beauty that surrounds you. Ask your beings of the white light whether that be Angels, God, spirit, source, energy, universe to be with you at this time. Be in a place or places that fills your heart with joy and gratitude such as the ocean, woods, lake, streams, gardens and ask your “Guys” for help with all that you need. Know nothing is too small or too big for your “Guys” to handle. If you have trouble having faith in yourself or even Them, ask for help and guidance on this.

Bring in the joy of the fairies as well. Know fairies are very fun and can bring tremendous uplifting to your soul and spirit. They can make us laugh, dance, sing and help us with anything creative we would like to do! Keep in mind, anything you to do to create joy and laughter into your life, helps to connect on a higher energy so it becomes easier to hear, see and have faith in the messages and guidance you receive from the divine!

July is a good month to spend time alone not only meditating, but studying, contemplating and analyzing your own thoughts and ideas. Write them down. Go deep inside of yourself and see how it really feels within your heart, not your head. Know anything is possible. We are the only ones that hold us back as we are our own worst critics! So often, we move through life with uncertainty, unsure if we can trust our sense of internal direction. Your “Guys” want you to know that you know more than you think and that by learning to lean into your own wisdom, you will find your true life path and also the courage you need to face every situation with ease. Self-confidence, a commitment to truth, and steeliness when times are tough – all of this can come from a strong sense of intuition.

If you keep seeing the number 7 whether by itself of in groups like 77, 777, know that is your “Guys” telling you that you are the right path and that your intuition is becoming stronger and to have faith!

Make this month of July a great spiritual month for yourself. Yes you can enjoy the company of others such as family and friends but do NOT forget to spend time alone seeking a deeper faith and connections with your “Guys”!



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