Types of Services offered by Marilyn Poscic

Marilyn offers a variety of spiritual services to help you not only get in touch with your own intuition but to learn how to trust those heart and gut feelings for a better direction in life, more love, understanding, comfort, healing and closure. All services are by appointment only to give Marilyn a chance to get into her “Angel brain” through meditation and connecting with all of her and your spiritual guides of the white light that is for her best and highest self.

All of Marilyn’s sessions are done through her over 20 years of experience, in trusting messages she receives from Arc Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, deceased love ones and her own intuition, to bring you messages for your best and highest self for today, tomorrow and in the near future.
Once you have scheduled an appointment, Marilyn asks that you write down any questions you may have a head of time. This allows the energy of the universe to work with you and Marilyn to bring forth answers that are for your best and highest self. Any questions that are not covered during your session will be addressed toward the end of your session. The best way to receive a great reading is with an open mind, open heart and expectations!

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Angel Readings

Angel Reading with and without Angel cards 30-60 minutes

Medium Session

Medium sessions Connecting with passed love ones 30-60 Minutes

Psychic Readings

Marilyn’s psychic readings, they are all really a combination or not only psychic but Angel and medium sessions as well. Marilyn does not claim to be a fortune teller. 

Group Readings

Group Readings Marilyn will do private group sessions for you and your love ones via zoom or in your own home Time varies depending on how many people and how long of a time each one prefers

Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring For those that are wanting to trust and receive a deeper connection to their own intuition and Angels 90-minute sessions

Reiki & Angel Healing

Reiki Master Teacher and Angel Healing Marilyn helps guide in in getting to root of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual discomfort utilizing Reiki and her intuition 60–90-minute sessions

Spiritual Teaching

Spiritual Teacher Marilyn loves to help others develop their own wings through a vast variety of spiritual classes via zoom or with your own private group


Meditation Marilyn holds private or group meditations then gives you a mini “Angel interpretation” on what that meditation means to you

Cleansing & Saging

Cleansing and Saging Your home to remove negative energies and entities. The duration of these sessions will depend on the square footage of your home via zoom or in person. 

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