Group Sessions AKA Angel Parties

Gather your own friends and family and let’s have a party! Many times, a group has lost a love one and would like to receive messages from them together. Or perhaps you are nervous about receiving a reading and would like love, comfort and support of people you love. Many look for different ways to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, pre wedding night, a special vacation treat or other special celebrations. What better celebration can your have than with Angels!

Group sessions can be done via in home or virtually either zoom or Facebook video messenger. Many times, people will gather their friends and family, provide food and beverages or a pot luck and Marilyn will come in and provide readings for each person. Sometimes people do not want to have their own messages heard. Decide a head of time if this is the case whether doing in person or virtual group sessions to honor their privacy. This is all induvial choices. Sometimes people like to have a friend join them take notes and Marilyn is fine if you would like to record your session.

Many like to have the comfort and support of the people they love and trust and group sessions are perfect for this. Many have difficulty in remembering all the information they received or become emotional and it’s a great way to receive that extra support.

Before having your party, please contact Marilyn directly to discuss details. Prices are determined by how many will attend your party and the length of time each person desires.

Now isn’t this a great idea for a different and fun type of party!

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