Meditation Sessions with Marilyn

Many people are looking for help to discover their own messages and inner self through meditation. Many have a hard time meditating as they cannot stop their brain from thinking about everything and concentrating or even believing the messages they receive. Let Marilyn become your guide.

Marilyn has been holding private and group meditations for over 15 years. People love her meditations. Could be her deep voice or guidance of her Angels. Some fall asleep during her meditations which is fine as that give your subconscious mind time to connect with the spiritual realm keeping your brain from questioning.

All meditations can be done either in person with your own group of people, privately or via zoom. It is best to be in a quiet environment with no outside interference either from other people, phones or other electronic devices. It is best to have a comfortable place in which to sit or lie down. Also recommended that you write down ahead of time, your intentions.

Marilyn begins all of her meditation with a short meditation of spiritual protection and guiding you to bring forth your own Angels to help you receive what is for your best and highest self. She then will bring you out of the meditation and ask if anyone had trouble and if so, will help you prepare for the next meditation.

Sometimes you will be guided to the ocean, mountains, forest or gardens. If any of these places frighten you, let Marilyn know ahead of time. In your meditation, you will most likely see colors which all have a meaning and Marilyn will explain what this means to you. In addition to the great outdoors, you may have visits from Angels or deceased love ones. Others may hear, see or sense things. After the meditation you will be asked to write down every detail you received. After writing, if you care to share what you received perhaps because you are not sure how to comprehend it, Marilyn will do a mini Angel interpretation for you. If you would like Marilyn to come to you, please contact her for further details.

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