February the year 2023 adds up to 7 in Numerology

The year 2023 adds up to 7. In numerology 7 means having faith. This is a great year to pray, meditate and have a deeper connection to your spiritual side. February is a 2 month which in numerology means to cooperate. In this month of cooperation, it is even more imperative that you cooperate with your soul to get in touch at a higher level of your own spirituality.

When you add the 2+7=9, 9 is all about endings. February is a great month to release all that is no longer serving your higher self. I recommend to begin by cleansing your home with material things that you have not seen, used or has no longer brings you joy. Start in just one area such as a closet, basement, desk drawer, dresser, garage. Ask yourself, what feels right to purge? If your material items could be of use to people in need, please donate to either someone you know or a nonprofit that helps others. When you give out to help others, it comes back to you in miraculous ways you haven’t even begun to imagine. While you are purging, pay attention to your emotions, thoughts and feelings. What negative emotions are lying deep inside of you that you have ignored or thought you have released? If you are thinking about them, know you haven’t released them and this is a perfect time to do so!

Perhaps you are holding on to material things due to memories. Make new memories. Perhaps there are people in your life that you need to purge as well and you remain of fear of what will happen when I purge that person. Have faith. Faith will always be stronger than fear. Just like light will always overcome darkness. The people in your life that you are questioning whether they should still be in your life are exactly the ones you need to release. If you are holding on to toxic people or material things that is taking up space, how can you allow the new in?
This year of 2023 learn to trust your faith. Learn first to have faith in you. Next have faith in the spiritual being of the white light that YOU believe in such as God, spirit, universe, Angels and yes even your deceased love ones can help you. If you are having a major challenge or change, turn to your “Guys” first, then have faith in yourself to listen. Trust me from experience, things will work out in such miraculous ways that you haven’t even begun to imagine!



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