2023 Angel Guidance

This coming new year will bring about many changes mostly positive if you allow it. In numerology, the year 2023 adds up to a 7. Seven means all about having faith.

First faith in a higher power such as God, Spirit, Source, Universe or whatever name you so choose to call the higher power of the white light.

Next, faith in yourself. Many people set goals for their selves in a new year. This is important to do, however by writing them down helps you to manifest your goals. Make your goals realistic so you don’t set yourself up for failure. What is most important for you to achieve in the new year? For me other than continuing to have a stronger faith in the Guys aka Angels, my health is most important to me. So what is important to you/ Great health, money, love, new career, new home? What is your true desire. It is important to be true to yourself here. Then write it down. Next, have faith in YOU! Whatever it is you are seeking, have faith in your Guys to help you AND have faith in YOU!

Now that you have established that, January is a 1 month which is all about new beginnings. However, when you add 7+1= 8, 8 is about achievement. Your goals and intentions will be achieved if you have faith not only in your “Guys”, but it is essential to have faith in YOU!

It is important before the new year gets into full swing and evaluate why you don’t have faith in you. Perhaps you don’t have faith the universe will provide for you financially if you leave to job you hate. Perhaps you don’t know how to live on your own or provide for your family if you leave the unloving relationship, you are in. perhaps you have been diagnosed with an incurable disease and have no faith how to become well again.

Your faith and trust in your “Guys” first will be essential in helping you with your faith in getting you through the perils of life.



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