Earth Angels

Are You One? Have You Encountered one?

A few years ago, I ran to Costco to pick up goodies for my upcoming Easter trip. I proceeded to load up my car with all of my goodies meanwhile thinking about preparations for my upcoming vacation. Have you ever had many thoughts running through your head while doing something completely different and not paying attention to the situation at hand?

I got into my car and drove away. A few minutes later a voice inside of my head said look for your cell phone. At first, I ignored this I always have my phone with me in my purse and I would have heard it if had alerted me to a message. Again, the voice said look for your phone. I looked for my purse on the passenger seat and to my horror, there was no purse there! I immediately made a U-turn and pulled onto a side street so I could check my back seat. No phone!

First thing I did was ask Arc Angel Michael to surround my purse with His white light of protection while speeding back to the parking lot of Costco, please keep in mind at the most only 5 minutes had transpired. The cart I had left in the parking lot was still there but my purse was not!

I rush into customer service of Costco and of course no purse. Since this particular Costco was located in a mall, she directed to a security guard. I could tell not only from his body language but from his energy he could care less. First thing he asked me if I had ID?! Sure, if I had my purse. He asked me to follow him up to his office but thankfully again that voice said go back into the parking. I listened! (And to think I use to fight or ignore those voices!) Please keep in mind, I continuously called upon Arc Angel Michael to protect my purse.

As I was about to go back to the parking lot, a guy stopped me cell phone in hand and asked if my name was Marilyn. Stunned I liked at him, do I know you? No was his reply but my name is Peter and I found your purse! I have it safely locked in my car however, I did find your drivers license and looked you up on Facebook. As he proceeded to show me on his phone. I am a nurse and am use to watching people’s faces and your looked like you were in a panic so I put two and two together!

Together we walked back to his car which by the way was black, not white! Non the less, my purse was very safe with this earth Angel.

The world is filled with so much negativity, especially on the news and social media. However, I truly believe, there are more good people out there than bad. Please don’t be afraid or too busy to help others as one day you as well may need that help!

Always remember, Arc Angel Michael is extremely powerful to help you protect all that is dear to you. Simply ask, Arc Angel please surround— with Your white light of protection. I personally do this every day!

One common question I get asked a lot is, can I ask Michael to protect someone who does not believe. The answer to this is YES! You have free will to ask. They have free will to decline.



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