March 2022 Message from the Angels!!

Our dear ones know We love you All so much!!!

Oooohhh what a mess your world is in right now! Is this how you are feeling? Do you feel the need to go out and help the world or just stay inside, cover your head and hope that the chaos will magically dissapear? Are you feeling the need and compassion to go out and save the world? Do you feel very sad for all that are experiencing difficulties? If this is true of you, know you are an empath and are super sesitive to everyones needs and pains.

So how do you save the world? Begin by saving yourself first. Ask yourself, how is your world within? What is your state of mind on all levels, emotionally, mentally, physically amd spiritually? Is there turmoil from within? If so you MUST take care of yourself frist and foremost before you can begin to help others. If you are feeling the pain of others, you MUST spirtually protect yourself EVERYDAY with white light from Us! Next go deep within and see what is bothering you on all levels. Once you have fixed you, then begin by helping the ones you love. Once you have not only yourself healed as well as others, teach others how to deal with their own pain. 

By doing and completing these steps Our dear ones, this is how YOU can change your world, as darkness will not EVER rule over white light.

Breath in the white light of protection, blue light of love, green light of healing everyday unto your world. Breath out the darkenss from within. Slowly your world will change.

As always We are always eager and willing to help. No matter what is going on, place Us first as We give unconditional love and guidance with no judgement ALL the time!

Know we DO love you and want to help!



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