Releasing the Old to Let in the New

Today is Dec 16th 2022. We are coming to the end of another year. As we approach the new year, we must constantly be aware of what is old and negative to us in order to bring in the new energy of the new year.

Numerology is the study of numbers. Each single digit number has a meaning. In order to obtain a single number to find the meaning, you must add a sequence of numbers together until you reach one number. For example. The year 2022 is a 6 (2=2+2=6) The month of December equates to a 3. (1+2=3) When you add 6+3=9 In numerology 9 equates to endings.

When we begin a new year, many set new goals for their selves such as losing or gaining weight, getting in better shape, more money, better jobs, better relationships, etc. However, in order to be successful in achieving these goals, you must release the old in order to obtain the new.

December is a great month to do exactly this! I highly recommend by beginning with material things. Perhaps you have clothes, shoes, bedding, kitchen utensils, old appliances you no longer use or need. Get rid of them and donate to those less fortunate than you! It’s extremely difficult to continue to fill those closets, drawers, cupboards with the new if they are filled with the old. While do this physical labor, pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings. What is it deep inside of you that you need to release? Perhaps anger, unforgiveness, hurt, physical pain, anxiety, depression or …? Ask yourself, what is it I am not happy with inside of you. What have I done to hurt myself. Are you ready to forgive yourself? What have I done to hurt others? Are you ready to forgive yourself?

Next what has others done to you that you still keep bottled up inside? Are you ready to release this pain, hurt, sorrow? By nor forgiving your self or others no matter the circumstance, only hurts you and will keep you from moving forward to create the newness you want in the new year. Learn from past mistakes both that you have created as well as what others have done. Thank the universe for the learning experience. Then much like releasing the old material things that is no longer useful and taking up space, so is the same with your emotions and mental state.

The year 2023 equates to a 7. (which by the way means faith) January is a 1 month. (new beginnings) When you add 7+1+8 8 is all about achievement. What is it you want to achieve in the new year? Perhaps a new job, better health, more love either within yourself or others, new relationships, more money, new home or vehicle, better understanding of yourself, more education? It does not matter what you desire. When you follow your heart which will be easier now that you have cleared out the old clutter, you my dear friends can create as well as achieve anything you want!

And with that I say Happy new year!



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